(10) Colby Jubenville: How to Bring Immediate Value to Someone or Something

ColbyJubenvilleBorn with a unique eye defect, Colby Jubenville grew up disadvantaged and struggled to get through life. During his college years playing football, he learned how to transform struggle into moments of personal success. Listen to Colby’s journey and his wisdom for gaining confidence and bringing personal value to others.

We all need to hear motivational stories of transforming struggle into moments of personal success. Listen to Colby’s story below.

Colby is a co-author of the book, Zebras and Cheetahs, a book that provides new perspective about how people should be leading and performing within twenty‐first century organizations. He’s also a successful entrepreneur and a great story teller.

Colby’s Story


Teachable Moments

  • Great teaching is about instilling confidence in others. When confidence isn’t there to begin with, it needs to be borrowed. Great teachers ‘lend’ confidence to their students to inspire them to be greater than what they ever thought they could become.
  • Struggle can often define us in who we are and/or what we do. Moments of struggle are the defining moments of either quitting or persevering and succeeding.
  • Success is always success. Even if you achieve just a little bit of success, well, guess what? It’s still success!
  • Problems and solutions are often found in the process and not in the output.
  • Experiencing struggle has the potential to make you to think better, communicate better, and helps you make better decisions.

Pearls of Wisdom

  • For people that are struggling with confidence, first start with self-talk to give yourself a confidence boost. You can talk yourself into doing something great just as easily as you can talk yourself out of doing something great. Keep telling yourself positive things and the outcome will be fantastic.
  • Find and spend time with people that possess and exude the qualities that you wish to have more of. For example, if you are wanting more self-awareness, spend time with people who have a lot of self-awareness.
  • “You can choose to live fine or super fine” Jim Rowan
  • “The only way you can articulate your true value to someone else is face to face” Colby Jubenville

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Challenge and struggle is all but a blessing in disguise. 
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