(16) Joe Pardo: Helping Outcasts Build Fair and Inclusive Communities

JoePardoPhotoStarting work for the family business at 6 years old, Joe learned the benefits of hard work. He’s applied his skills to do many creative things- including the creation of communities built on fairness and inclusiveness.

Joe shares inspiring short stories of curiosities, passions, sports, and advocating for fairness in all aspects of life.

Joe is the host and producer of the Dreamers Podcast. He’s a great guy, a genuine and fun loving husband and stays busy by doing dozens of projects at the same time.

Joe’s Story


Teachable Moments

  • Be willing to sacrifice things that don’t matter as much. As you learn and grow, you find your strengths and interests change. In order to gain more experience in something new, you have to let go of the things that no longer have meaning to you.
  • Having curiosity helps you see multiple perspectives which helps you keep an open mind.

Pearls of Wisdom

  • Society starts with you. There’s something for you to start or do and no matter what anyone says, it’s to your benefit to get out there and do it.
  • “Life is made up of people that are no smarter than you.” Steve Jobs

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Challenge and struggle is all but a blessing in disguise. 
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  2. Thank you so much for having me on Reid! I had a great time and would love to come back anytime! 🙂