(24) Will Pye: Suffering is a Powerful Motivator

Will PyeAfter receiving what many would say the worst news of his life, Will found himself responding in a way he was not used to. He was told he had a lump in his brain. His response? Fascination and gratitude!

Will shares motivational stories of the transformation he went through after a diagnosis that changed his life.

Will is the author of Blessed with a Brain Tumor: Realizing It’s All Gift and Learning to Receive. He’s also a transformation agent who guides others to their deepest truth and greatest power, helping people achieve more fulfilling and joyful lives.

Will’s Story


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Teachable Moments

  • Suffering is a powerful motivator.
  • A sign of death, or at least the reminder of it, is the message needed to get back to
    living your purpose.
  • You don’t have to live each moment like it’s your last. You just have to live each moment
    in full confidence of living your purpose.
  • The sufferings in life are immense opportunities to learn the lessons you are meant to learn, as well as grow.

Pearls of Wisdom

  • “Death is certain. Its timing uncertain. So what is important now?”
  • What is surrendering? A ceasing to argue with what is.
  • Self healing starts by surrendering to what is.
  • “It is what you say it is. As we describe reality, we are also creating it.” Will Pye
  • “The most important question we can ask is-  “Is the Universe friendly?” Albert Einstein

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Challenge and struggle is all but a blessing in disguise. 
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