(26) Jonathan Burston: What Matters Most Is The Relationship You Have With Yourself

JonathanBurstonPhotoJonathan was faced with a critical decision: stay in his marriage and be unhappy or leave the relationship and be more happy. After worrying about what was best for his daughters, he realized what mattered most was what was best for him.

Jonathan shares motivational stories of authenticity, self-belief, confidence, and inner calm.

Jonathan is the Executive Director of Interview Expert Academy. He lives 30 minutes southwest of London. His favorite hobby is spending time with his girlfriend and his daughters.

Jonathan’s Story


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Teachable Moments

  • Deep down, not happy. wasn’t being yourself, which impacts your relationships- with everyone.
  • Divorce with dignity. Too often, people assume ending a relationship is something that is
    negative. However, sometimes it just doesn’t work out. That’s when it’s smart to let the relationship
  • Children have incredible emotional resilience. They don’t carry the emotional baggage that adults do.
  • Material wealth never feels authentic.

Pearls of Wisdom

  • Life happens and you’re often thrown off the path. It’s ultimately up to you to get back on that path.
  • Loving yourself and doing what you can to take care of yourself creates more opportunities for more love and care being reflected back to you in life.
  • E + R = O (Event + Reaction = Outcome)
  • Sometimes you have to swim against the tide and fight for what you want/believe in.
  • In as much clarity as possible, think about what you want in life, and then work backwards.
  • Plan in as much detail as you can so that you have as much questions answered before you get
    involved in any scenario.

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Challenge and struggle is all but a blessing in disguise. 
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