(32) Live Life to the Fullest with Vinnie Tortorich

Vinnie TortorichVinnie has a great life. He fitness trains big time Hollywood actors. He is an advocate for health consciousness. But when Vinnie got the news in 2007 that he was a long shot to live longer than 6 months because he had Leukemia, that changed everything.

Listen to Vinnie’s inspirational short stories of how he handled the news of a Leukemia diganosis.

Vinnie is an author, radio and podcast host, and fitness trainer based out of Beverly Hills, CA. He’s often referred to as America’s angriest trainer.

Vinnie’s Story

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Vinnie’s Life Changing Lessons

  • Everyone wants to do the right thing. Everyone has good intentions. Everyone tries to get in shape. But there’s only so much one knows about their health. Vinnie is angry FOR everyone who’s trying to be healthy because major product manufacturers are very deceiving with their marketing messages.
  • It’s your choice to let devastating news affect you. You can choose to move your life forward rather than backward.
  • Being a friend is someone who will “be there” for you.
  • When battling cancer, it can feel like life gets put on hold. Ironically though, life does go on.

Pearls of Wisdom

  • If you have tough news to share with your loved ones and you don’t want them to over react, share the news with them in a public setting.
  • Life is fragile. Live it to the fullest.

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Challenge and struggle is all but a blessing in disguise. 
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