(34) The Journey to Live In Effortless Flow with Kristi Lee Schatz

KristiLeeSchatzHeadshotWhat does a commitment to meditation and personal growth actually do for you? Today’s guest, Kristi Lee Schatz shares her story of transformation, from the time she felt not good enough, to now living in effortless flow!

Listen to Kristi’s inspirational stories of committing to personal development and living more authentically.

Kristi is the Founder & Director of Peaceful Living Productions and is the role of Director of Health and Wellness for Unity Plaza in Jacksonsville, FL.   Her passion is to help the world live up to its unrealized potential and seeks to inspire others to move beyond their fears and live the life they truly desire.

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Kristi’s Life Changing Lessons

  • The human experience provides many lessons to claim your self worth. Choosing the status quo may get you by but choosing your power is the journey to live more authentically.
  • Meditation is a great way to turn the mental tapes off; those tapes that make you feel unworthy.
  • You can beat yourself up by thinking meditation is supposed to happen a certain way. Regardless, recognizing that is a process of developing self awareness, as well as helping those nasty voices become quiet and leave you alone.
  • Vulnerability is uncomfortable. But the process of living more vulnerably is the key to living more authentically.

Pearls of Wisdom

  • Everything is a discipline. Making choices today doesn’t always mean that old stuff won’t come up. True transformation is awareness, honesty, and embracing your soul’s presence in any given moment.
  • Evidence of being good enough comes from being in the moment and feeling self love.
  • Let go of your perceived outcomes. It will help you live more authentically.
  • Expressing more vulnerability to others helps develop your intuition and tap more into your limitless potential.
  • Cultivate a consistent meditation practice.

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Challenge and struggle is all but a blessing in disguise. 
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