(36) The Spiritual Journey of a $100 Million Real Estate Project

Alex-Coley-Headshot“Community transformation comes from individual transformation” according to Alex Coley, Co-founder and Principle at Hallmark Partners, inc. And when a public space is built to foster authenticity and well-being, the community members benefit in ways that help with their Spiritual development.

Alex Coley has been working in real estate since he was 19 years old. He lives and works in the Jacksonville, Florida area, is a Father, and an avid tennis fan.

Listen to Alex’s inspirational short stories of how a major real estate project had an impact on his personal transformation.

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Alex’s Life Changing Lessons

  • Life gives you opportunities to grow. The more you view things from being less stressful and more about learning, the more you’ll grow.
  • The most successful public spaces in the world are a reflection of the ethos (character) of the community it serves.
  • You have to be authentic in order to be successful.

Pearls of Wisdom

  • Individual transformation creates community transformation. It all starts from within and is reflected outward.
  • Be at peace with yourself and others every step of your personal journey.
  • “With my own self I can do nothing but with God all things are possible”
  • Things really do work out when you allow the divine to flow through you.
  • Live out your Spiritual principles throughout each moment. You are a Spiritual being living the human experience.

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