(40) Stay Humble No Matter Where You Are or Go

Life Changing Stories Photo Ladan JiracekIf you traveled to a foreign country, would you put yourself in situations of sleeping in parks or other exposed places? How about doing that with your mother?!

Master’s student and world traveler, Ladan Jiracek, did and shares some cool stories of times when he really stretched his comfort zones during his travels.

Why would he do something like that? As he shares on the podcast, to stay humble, appreciate diversity, and of course- to share memorable stories!

Listen to Ladan’s life changing stories and what he learned here:

Ladan’s Life Changing Lessons

  • Traveling opens you up to meeting all kinds of people. Talking to these people help you live a life of diversity.
  • It’s easy to get stressed because you have no idea of what is about to happen (and your mind wants to predict outcomes). What you learn though is that 99% of the time, things work out. You figure out a way and you get by. You may have to make sacrifices but when it becomes a thing of your past, it’s only a valuable lesson.

Pearls of Wisdom

  • When you’re outside your comfort zones, you’re not only vulnerable, you are more reliable on people who can provide necessary resources to you. In these types of situations, you realize how cool people are and how big of hearts they have, because they are so generous and helpful.

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Challenge and struggle is all but a blessing in disguise. 
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