(44) Our Furry Four Legged Spiritual Friends

LifeChangingStorieswithdogsDogs can do it all: they lift your Spirits when you’re feeling down, they can help you relax when you’re anxious, they can be your companion, and they can save your life!

Today on Life Changing Stories, hear two stories of how our furry four legged Spiritual friends saved two human lives.

If you’re not a dog lover, your life is about to change  🙂

Special thanks goes out to our two story tellers today: one asked to remain anonymous but the other is Shannon Kaiser (the lady with the great smile in the photo above- with that BEAUTIFUL Golden Retriever (Tucker) being chauffeured). Shannon was so kind to share more about the experiences from her story. What she shares is really amazing.

Take a moment to listen to these beautiful life changing stories.

 Spiritual Insights From the Stories

  • Caring for a dog can bring more meaning to your own life. For some people, caring for a dog brings a sense of purpose to their lives.
  • If you’re deeply depressed, please consider adopting a dog. It’s companionship could change and even save your life!
  • The present moment is what matters most.


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Challenge and struggle is all but a blessing in disguise. 
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