(40) Stay Humble No Matter Where You Are or Go

If you traveled to a foreign country, would you put yourself in situations of sleeping in parks or other exposed places? How about doing that with your mother?! Master’s student and world traveler, Ladan Jiracek, did and shares some cool stories of times when he really stretched his comfort
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(39) The Sacrifices We Make with Jenny Jones

“A journey of 1000 miles begins with one step.” One day Jenny Jones was doing her thing- homework when all of a sudden the all to familiar FB message notification pinged her. She thought it was a friend of a friend asking a random question. But when the person
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(37) Healing Intergenerational Trauma

Ask the Universe for a sign and you shall receive… Greg Archer wrote a book called Grace Revealed. It’s an amazing story of the experiences of his Polish ancestors who were victim’s of Stalin’s deportation. It’s also a story of his personal transformation and inter-generational trauma. Greg Archer is
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(36) The Spiritual Journey of a $100 Million Real Estate Project

“Community transformation comes from individual transformation” according to Alex Coley, Co-founder and Principle at Hallmark Partners, inc. And when a public space is built to foster authenticity and well-being, the community members benefit in ways that help with their Spiritual development. Alex Coley has been working in real estate since
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(35) How Many 2nd Chances Will Life Give You?

Do you eat poorly, smoke, and drink because you don’t know how to deal with your inner issues?  Mario did. And he nearly killed himself from it. But God gave Mario a 2nd chance and he stepped up to make the changes necessary to live in good health. Listen
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(33) Our Connection is Deeper Than We Know: with Mary McLaurine

Mary’s stroke of hard luck with her own mortality has helped her understand both the importance of gratitude for things we usually take for granted, and also the Spiritual connection to ourselves and others. Listen to Mary’s inspirational short stories of living through not one, but TWO kidney transplants! Mary
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(32) Live Life to the Fullest with Vinnie Tortorich

Vinnie has a great life. He fitness trains big time Hollywood actors. He is an advocate for health consciousness. But when Vinnie got the news in 2007 that he was a long shot to live longer than 6 months because he had Leukemia, that changed everything. Listen to Vinnie’s
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