(24) Will Pye: Suffering is a Powerful Motivator

After receiving what many would say the worst news of his life, Will found himself responding in a way he was not used to. He was told he had a lump in his brain. His response? Fascination and gratitude! Will shares motivational stories of the transformation he went through after a
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(23) Lisa Wimberger: How to Heal From Too Much Stress

Struck by lightning at the age of 15, Lisa then suffered from seizures for 25 years. When she got her diagnosis but no treatment protocol, she found inspiration and motivation to learn as much as she could about the human nervous system. What came about her studies was the invention of Neurosculpting,
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(22) Robyn Delong: From Grief to Grace

Robyn went through what no parent wants: losing their child. When her son was 36, he died from a car accident. What did Robyn do to cope? Listen to Robyn’s real life inspirational stories of learning from both negative and positive interactions with business coaches. Robyn is the author
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(21) Jo Guerra: How to Let Go of Making Excuses

Jo once had a coach who stole her business ideas. Instead of turning things into a big deal, Jo made the decision to look at the bright side of things. What she learned was something she would have never expected! Listen to Jo’s motivational stories of learning from both
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