(5) Johanna Walker: I Have Nothing To Say

The fear of public speaking is a tricky one. We often think our ideas are dumb, nobody cares, or we have nothing to say. On this episode of Life Changing Stories, Johanna Walker shares stories that led her to finding her own voice and further helping others to speak
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(4) Reid Peterson: Friending Fear

Fear is arguably the thing that holds us back from living life in the way that we want to live. What do you do when fear consumes you?  Reid Peterson shares motivational words via his story of the time he was fired from his job, how it was the
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(3) Judy Matejczyk: Sticking with Your Vision

What do you do when someone close to you dies? You stick with your vision (Judy’s story will explain). Judy Matejczyk shares motivational stories of a former student who lost someone close to them, but went to school the next day and chose to stay focused on what she really
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(2) Sarina Stone: The Waterfall

Your Health is the most important thing you can control. Why not treat yourself in ways that feel good and do good things for your body, mind, and Spirit.  Sarina Stone shares motivational stories of when she took initiative to create better health in her life. Sarina Stone is an
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(1) Robert Brzezinski: Authentically Expressing Yourself

Have you ever expected a certain result but then received news of the opposite? Rev. Robert Brzezinski did and his motivational words are shared in a story here.  Listen to Robert’s story of what happened while in Ministry school. Robert is a licensed Religious Science Minister with the Centers
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