We were given the gift of creativity for a reason. We can use it to make incredible lives.

But sometimes, for whatever reason(s), we get stuck. We feel depressed, hopeless, frustrated, or even worthless.

These are signs that we need to reach out, ask for help, and follow the guidance of others.

Below are two programs that I have utilized at times when I felt down and depressed.

They helped me see the light, feel more hope and meaning, and inspired me for makinig changes in my life.

My hope is that they do the same for you!

TinyBuddhaChangeYourStoryCourseTiny Buddha’s Recreate Your Life Story course. This course will help you focus more on the present and gain confidence for creating a life that is more fulfilling.

I recommend the basic course (and not all the bonus stuff) so you can focus on what matters most: programming a new story that you tell yourself- of positivity, self-love, and compassion for who you are. Learn more



MaryMorrisseyDreamBuilderMary Morrissey’s DreamBuilder course. Dreaming is something that Mary Morrissey’s DreamBuilder online course. Dreaming is something that comes naturally to us, but making our dreams come true doesn’t. For whatever reasons (doubt, lack of confidence, not feeling worthy or deserving) we don’t take action. The not taking action is what makes us extremely frustrated. Once we’re frustrated, we go into a downward spiral- which takes us even further away from living our dream. It’s a vicious cycle.

But Mary Morrissey’s program takes you step by step for how to achieve your dream. The process is called Visioning and it’s a very comprehensive process. Mary has done a great job of covering all of the angles the human mind takes when on the journey of making a dream come true.

This program helped me start and launch this podcast. Without her help, you wouldn’t be reading this right now. Learn more

(Disclaimer: the above links do earn me affiliate commissions. That is important for you to know. However, I would not recommend anything just for a small earnings. I recommend them because they work!)